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The Yankees Have Promoted Rachel Balkovec To Manager Of Their Low A Minor League Affiliate Making Her The First Female Manager In Professional Baseball History

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Look at the Yankees actually making a great move here —breaking gender barriers and hiring Rachel Balkovec as their new manager for Low A Tampa. Since joining the organization a few years back, Balkovec has become a well respected name amongst the players in the organization. Plain and simple, people like her and listen to what she preaches. 

Little back story here, when Rachel was first trying to get a job in baseball she wasn't getting any responses so she changed her name to 'Rae' and previous experience from 'NCAA Division 1 softball catcher' to 'NCAA Division 1 catcher.' All of a sudden the emails started coming in and now we're here making history. 

I could see her moving up the ranks quickly. Hell I'm willing to bet she can manage a team way better than the clown at the big league level right now. Go Rachel Go!