FaZe Clan's 'Swagg' Said He'll Get An Ass Tattoo If We Can Buy Warzone Loadouts Right Away Again

Raven Software, if there has ever been a time that the Call of Duty community needs you, it's now. I'm sending out the Bat signal.

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This needs to happen and shoutout to Swagg for putting the CoD community in his backpack and making this stake. I'm always a fan of chaos, so of course I'm rooting for the loadout change to be reverted.

So for those who aren't aware, when Warzone got a new map on December 8th, there was a MASSIVE change that came with it. When you play Warzone, the biggest primary objective is to get yourself a loadout. This way you have the best guns possible to help you win said game. Previously, you could buy a loadout after collecting $10,000. With the new map change, you must wait approximately 7-8 minutes (or when first circle closes) to purchase the loadout.

With change comes hate and gamers were PISSED about this update. IMO - It's good for the game. It makes Warzone feel like a traditional BR where your loot determines your ability to push or play passive. 

The best parts of the loadout change are now you don't have to worry about being pushed immediately off rip by a team with loadout. In some games it just takes longer to find $10k than others. On the other hand, it's really frustrating when you find the $10k fast and have nothing to spend it on…

Secondly, now you don't have to worry about anything with ghost. Since there's no loadout until second circle, start ripping UAVs and poosh poosh.

Prior to getting shadow banned (RIP) - I was dominating Caldera.

In this video below, I list all my biggest tips and tricks to help me get wins and a high KD on Caldera.

Whether the loadout change happens or not, you gotta be able to adapt to the current state of Warzone. If we can't have loadouts first circle, start ripping UAVs and wreaking havoc.

The ball is officially in your court, Raven Software. You know what must be done.