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Emergency Sunday Afternoon MUST WATCH: Water Pipe Bursts While Skiers Are Stuck On A Ski Lift And Getting Sprayed Into Bolivian

I know it's a great video when my mouth drops and then I utter, "Jesus fucking christ" and laugh. That's what happened here. Imagine just having a nice little day on the slopes and then getting sprayed so hard that it dimples your skin. Just fucking awful. You're stuck at the top of the mountain, cold as shit, wet as hell, and embarrassed to boot. I guess the only real win is that you can think about a lawsuit but who knows how that will go. Id hire Kelly just in case because she makes some solid points. 

Now you just gotta try to avoid looking like one of those dogs with big clumps of snow attached to yourself. 

Anyway, here's the full 13 minutes. It's glorious. Enjoy.