This Poor Guy Is Getting Crushed Online For Making The Very Poor Decision To Wear This Shirt Out To The Club

This poor guy. 

If you show me a man who claims he's never walked out of the house feeling absurdly overconfident in an outfit, only to get where he's going and realizing too late that he made a grave mistake, I'll show you a liar.

We've all done it before.

That one piece we have hanging in the closet that we spent too much money on to throw out or give to Goodwill. But that's been hanging there way off the left, buried under your jerseys and hoodies from High School you also can't throw out, because you just know that the day after you do give it to Goodwill is gonna come the time where you needed it. 

Some of us have actually attempted to wear that shirt out, or pants, or snazzy blazer, or shoes, only to feel every single eyeball in a 2 mile radius focused on us. To know every single person whispering or out-of-ear shot is talking shit about you to their group they're with. 

"What in fucks sake is he wearing?"

Or we've gotten to the bar and before you can even give your buddies a first pound they're dissecting the shit out of you and ripping you apart for your audacity to wear what you wear. And you realize you're in for a long night.

Well that's this poor guy in this photo.

Does he look funny? 

Of course he does.

But again, we've all been in his shoes and most of us are lucky as fuck camera phones weren't around back in the day we really had balls, or social media, because we'd all have suffered the same fate. 

So you won't find me throwing any stones here. 

I'll be the last person chiming in saying he looks like a well-dressed ham.

I feel for this guy and the future that being inducted into the meme hall of fame brings with it.

These people? Not so much.