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Absolute King Brags, From The Warmth Of His Bed, About His Hospital Worker Wife Getting Home From Her 12-Hour Shift And Immediately Shoveling Their Driveway

Typically I’m not a fan of people who flaunt and flex on the internet. Oh you got a nice watch? Good for you, no one gives a shit. But sometimes someone stunts so goddamn hard there’s nothing you can do but tip your cap and honor those heroes among us. Because make no mistake about it, this guy is a real life, walking, talking hero. Look at how late he was up watching tennis last night.

You think he had time to wake up and shovel the driveway when Canada-Russia was on the tube while his wife was living it up at the hospital? If I know one thing about hospital workers, specifically over the last two years, it’s that they’ve been living high off the hog on Easy Street. Nothing noteworthy surrounding that profession driving them all to the brink of insanity to my knowledge. So I’m glad King Jon Reyes is out there making her earn him. Hopefully the breakfast he made her was a big pot of coffee so she could get her second wind to go back out there and salt the walk. Maybe there’s some leftover from last night’s tennis marathon she can help herself to.