Daniel Jones Just Caught An All-Time Ricochet Shot From Patrick Mahomes After Today's Chiefs Game

What the fuck was that, PATRICK?!? I thought NFL QBs were supposed to be a fraternity that looks for each other because they have the toughest job in sports. Don't give me that no offense line either before unfurling a 2019 Chiefs worth of offense in your very next breath. There were a million different ways to talk about this touchdown without bringing up my little lamb's name.

Pulling a Daniel Jones shouldn't be tripping over your own two feet at the end of a long run (which we should remember happened on a drive where the Giants ended up scoring a touchdown and Daniel probably tripped on purpose to let someone else get into the endzome because he is a good teammate). Pulling a Daniel Jones should be when a QB is drafted by an incompetent team that can't build anything remotely good around or in front of him and everyone clowned the pick because they thought Dwayne Haskins was going to be a star. 

In fact, you can make a case that Pulling a Mahomes could just as easily be referring to being America's least favorite Tik Tok'er doing some extremely cringe shit as it could be the most talented quarterback putting up video game numbers and plays.

Us Giants fans are down bad enough even when we aren't watching one of our players who has been out for weeks getting ricochet'd out of the blue after a game in a completely different conference. Which is why I am officially banning Patrick Mahomes from the Daniel Jones Hype Group for life.

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Not only that, but I am also starting the narrative questioning who is more responsible for the Chiefs success. Andy Reid made a Super Bowl without Patrick Mahomes as his QB but Patrick Mahomes has never won an NFL game or even thrown a touchdown in the NFL without Andy Reid as his head coach. Makes you think…

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