Kid Cudi Is Saying We Need A 500k Signed Petition To Get "How To Make It In America" Back On The Air

Yes! Yes! YES! 

What a beautiful thing to see on our twitter timelines on a brisk Sunday morning in New York with snow on the ground. Even the slight possibility of one of the greatest New York shows of all-time being brought has brightened this day up to no end. If you haven't watched it (you're missing out if so) How To Make It In America is an AWESOME show that lasted 2 seasons on HBO back in the day.

It was made by some of the same guys who made Entourage after it was done and follows 2 best buds in New York City trying to make it big in the fashion game with a solid secondary cast as well including Lake Bell and obviously Kid Cudi's first ever acting job. Sadly stupid ass HBO cancelled this glorious show after just 2 measly seasons right as it was getting its footing. I love this show so much that literally WHENEVER I see people post a story on instagram asking for TV recs this is my automatic response! 

And now we got Cudi teasing a potential comeback? If this petition is ever made we better get 500k signatures AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Justice for How To Make It In America. We need more crisp. HIT THE MUSIC!