"You Can't Be Passing Wide Open Layups" - Joel Embiid With The Best Advice He Could Give Any Basketball Player

"I want him to shoot more 3's...who cares if he misses"

"You can't be passing wide open layups"

Here is Joel Embiid giving some incredibly valuable constructive criticism and advice for Matisse Thybulle's game. Is he saying these things because Joel is a big mean bully who wants to embarrass Matisse in front of the media? No, quite the contrary. He's saying these things because he cares about Matisse Thybulle. He wants Matisse to elevate his game to the best it can possibly be. He knows that it's mutually beneficial to everybody for Matisse to become the best version of himself. It'll make him a better basketball player, which will earn him more money, and it'll make the Sixers a better team. Joel cares about his teammates. He wants them to succeed because his success is directly correlated. That's not to say it's the only reason he wants them to succeed. He's also just a great guy who is rooting for others to achieve great things just for their own sense of accomplishment. But at the end of the day, he just needs to say these things in order to light a fire under Matisse's ass and get him to where he needs to be. 


Meanwhile, there's some jackass who has lost $10 million already these year because he's too afraid to take a jump shot and thinks that every bit of constructive criticism is a direct affront to him, his family, and everything he holds sacred. Ben Simmons would have probably called the cops had he been in Matisse Thybulle's position here. Called the cops and then ran home to play video games for the rest of the night. Luckily Matisse Thybulle is a little more mature than that. Luckily he knows that Joel is just being a leader and getting the best out of everybody around him. Glad to see it's not an Australian thing. 

Sidenote: speaking of Joel Embiid making the right passes...


MVP! MVP! MVP! 6 straight games with 30+ points. For the love of god, make the Ben Simmons trade already and give this man the help he deserves.