A Jaguars Sponsor Is Suing The Team To Get Its Name Removed From Sunday's Game Since Jags Fans Are Planning A Clown Out

I think most people heard about the impending Clown Out that Jags fans are planning in Jacksonville. I thought it was a pretty good idea since at the very least we could get some incredible content out of it.

However, it appears that at least one company doesn't like having its name being associated with a shitshow franchise AND a clown show.

Jacksonville.com-  The title sponsor for the Jaguars’ season finale game against the Indianapolis Colts is suing to get its name removed over fans’ planning to dress as clowns to protest the abysmal season. RoofClaim.com, a roofing business, wants to avoid its name “being emphasized as the primary sponsor of the clown game,” says a complaint filed Thursday evening in Jacksonville’s Circuit Court.

The company signed a $600,000-per-year sponsorship deal in August that guaranteed to spotlight them during a single game this season, but the suit argues the Jaguars breached terms of the agreement. The team “has utterly failed to provide the sponsorship benefits outlined in the agreement,” attorney Jeremy Paul argues in the lawsuit, saying elsewhere that it breached the deal “by exposing RoofClaim.com’s brand to a toxic marketing environment that will cause irreparable harm.”

The company told the Jaguars Dec. 16 — the day Urban Meyer was fired as head coach — that it wanted to end the sponsorship, but the team “insisted that the partnership continue,” the suit says. The company had already paid $300,000 and doesn't owe any more right now, the suit says. The agreement, attached to the lawsuit, shows the deal was planned to last for four years, with the annual price rising to $655,636.

The lawsuit asks a judge to bar the Jaguars from using RoofClaim's brand, end the agreement and award whatever damages are appropriate.

I'm not trying to get ahead of myself here, but this judge may hold the fate of unlimited fans' happiness in their hands. Do we capitalize Judge as a sign of respect? That isn't important but I will capitalize the J for now on just to be safe because this Judge's ruling could impact sports as we know it. 

I have seen fans start countless petitions, put up billboards, sell shirts, and organize boycotts of games to get a coach, GM, and/or owner out only for all of it to fall on deaf ears. However, if a bunch of angry Jaguars fans can cause a sponsor to scurry away with hundred of thousands of dollars, what do you think TWO New York fanbases can do to the misery machines that reside at MetLife Stadium or at least one as maniacal as the Giants fans we see on Twitter every Sunday? It's a miracle that the people at Pepsi didn't spank John Mara in public for sullying their company's good name during #MediumSodaGate. But maybe the only reason they didn't do that is because all we did was joke about it on social media. 

Instead of no showing games where the tickets and the PSL has already been sold or starting chants during them, maybe the secret is showing up and embarrassing the living shit out of the franchise to the point sponsors no longer want to be associated them is the way to go. I mean I can't imagine paying actual money to sponsor the clown shows that take place every Sunday in MetLife Stadium. But if the Jags seem scared about losing that RoofClaim.com money, so I can't imagine what owners of that overpriced air conditioner looking stadium would do if they lost whatever heavy hitters are sponsoring those sorry ass teams. All we need is for this Judge to rule in RoofClaim.com's favor then it's game on for us Northeast barbarians fueled by five years of eating shit and gabagool to storm the gates to force ownership to do something more than promise us they are doing everything in their power to put a winning product on the field followed by another season over before Halloween.