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How Much Would It Take For You To Pose Nude With Your Father On Only Fans? This Pair Do It For $9,000 A Month. BONUS - Top 5 Father Son Duos I'd Like To See

NY Post - A father and son are making a fortune on OnlyFans sharing naked photos of themselves hanging out together.

Jake Herbert, 26, started his own OnlyFans account several years ago and told the BBC he was making up to $9,000 USD per month posting nude pictures of himself.

But the kinky content creator was determined to make even more money — and found an unexpected opening after sharing a photo of his handsome dad with fans.

“Obviously, I knew that to take this to the next level I had to do something that would get everyone talking,” the UK resident said. “I put a picture of my dad up, just us topless after a workout, and it just went mental.”

The bold Brit asked his father — who hasn’t been publicly named — whether he’d strip down further for a share of some OnlyFans cash.

The monetary benefits proved too tempting to turn down, and the dad was soon joining his son in some steamy snaps strictly available for followers who fork over a fee.

The patriarch — whose age has also not been disclosed — still keeps his main job as a plumber, but some of his co-workers are confused about his rather unorthodox new side hustle.

Pop quiz hot shot.

What's your number? How much would it take to get you to drop your trousers with your father and sell the pics on Onlyfans?

(For argument's sake, let's just say your dad is in the midst of a first or second mid-life crisis and is feeling himself, so he's totally on board)

What's your price?

And don't say you don't have one or that you couldn't be bought for any amount of money, because as the great Ted Dibiase taught us all, "Everyone has a price"

I'm not trying to insult Jake Herbert Sr. and Jake Herbert Jr. by ANY means when I say this, but my price is a hell of a lot more than 9 fuckin grand a month.

When I saw that headline, before reading the story, I figured they were banking at least six figures a month like the insta whores do.

$9k bro?!

You're 100% correct. Everybody is talking shit that knows you. Not because you're taking pics with your pops docking penises, but because you're doing it for chump change.

Gotta get that bag if you're gonna be exposing your and your dads cocks for all the world to see.

Fun fact is Jake Jr. claims he's never even seen his dad's piece.

“He was getting bits of banter and that from where he was working,” his son explained. “And I was like, ‘Look, dad, we just need to make some money. It’s not like we’re doing anything.'”

Last year, Herbert told the Tab he hasn’t even seen his father’s private parts, claiming he keeps his eyes averted as they pose up a storm for the camera.

But that hasn't stopped him from marketing the fuck out of it.

“We’ve never seen each other naked, the most he’s shown on my page is his a–,” the savvy son claimed.

“Furthest me and my dad would go is … well, you’ll have to subscribe to see!” he added.

(WARNING - DO NOT click on that guy's twitter profile. LOTS of dong shots)

He also claims that that $9,000 a month has grown into $40,000 per month which he splits with his dad.

Still not enough.


Here are the father and son duos I'd most like to see on Onlyfans. (I think I speak for us all). Before you disagree with any of these, visualize them with their clothes off first.

1- Cecil and Prince Fielder 


2- Jerry and Ben Stiller

3- Clint and Scott Eastwood

4- Hulk and Nick Hogan

5- President Joe and Hunter Biden


6- President Donald Trump Sr. and Jr.

7 - Dr. Evil and Scott Evil

8 - Martin and Charlie Sheen


9- Donald and Keifer Sutherland

10 - Carl and Eddie Winslow

11- Buddy and Rob Ryan

11 - Indiana Jones and His Dad


12- John and Anthony Rizzo

13- Gary and Jake Busey