Californication Is An Easy & Wondrous Watch For Anyone Out There Interested In A Show To Watch

So people have been telling me to watch Californication for quite some time and I FINALLY got around to it in the past few weeks before finishing it last night. Now why have so many people suggested it to me I think? Because it's pretty much gotta be Showtime's direct answer to Entourage's success. It came out just a few years after Entourage and follows along a famous writer named Hank Moody navigating his life through Los Angeles and all the sex, drugs, and alcohol that come with it. The biggest difference though is that our guy Hank ALSO happens to be juggling the love of his life (they're not married) living in Los Angeles as well with the daughter they share. So it's really almost like a dramedy version of an Entourage/Sopranos mash-up.

Aside from what I just wrote it's very hard to explain the actual plot of the show because that's pretty much all it is! There are some absolutely hilarious secondary characters as well though like his Agent & best bud Charlie Runkle, his wife Marcy who consistently refers to him as Runks which makes me laugh quite a lot, famous movie produer Stu Beggs, and too many random celebrities with great roles to count. Rob Lowe has a fucking recurring role, RZA plays an awesome rapper-turned-actor in one season, and the queen Heather Graham is all over the last season.

Now, of course, most folks think of Californication they instantly think of the nudity which is fair because it is BY FAR the most horny show I've ever watched. If Entourage was hypothetically an R-Rated show then Californication is easily rated NC-17. I can 100% confirm it's a put the kids to bed before watching show and I don't even have any kids! But even once you get passed that Hank Moody is an all-time TV character and the show itself has its fair share of funny moments.

Is it the Sopranos or the Wire? Of course not, but I started watching a few episodes on a Delta flight recently which got me hooked and I'm very happy I did. Great show. Only half hour episodes and 7 seasons. If you're an Entourage guy at all you'd be hardpressed not to enjoy this one as well. Thank me later!