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It's 2022 And French Rappers Dropped A New Song Dissing PSG's Old Manager For Losing To Manchester City In 2016

[Daily Mail] - Popular French rappers Kalash Criminel and Kaaris have taken a swipe at former PSG manager Laurent Blanc in the lyrics to their new track, with the ill-fated 3-5-2 system he used in the defeat at Manchester City in 2016 criticised.

After a 2-2 draw in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final tie at the Parc des Princes, Blanc was forced into a drastic change in his formation to cope with the absences of the suspended David Luiz and Blaise Matuidi.

However, his decision failed to pay off with City winning 1-0 and dumping the Ligue 1 giants out of the competition. Years on, Blanc is still savaged, with a scathing reference now made in a song sure to make waves in France.

The track, named 'You Owe Money', features the line: 'We don't forget you like the 3-5-2 of that b****** Laurent Blanc.'

Just another example of soccer fans being crazy. PSG lost to Manchester City in 2016 because of a dumb formation decision by Laurent Blanc. It happens, you move on as the years go on. It's not like PSG is some underdog either. Since that Champions League they've made a Finals, a semifinals and even choked away legs. Not like they have completely fallen off the grid or some shit like that. Hell they even went out and signed some guy named Leo Messi. 

But on the other hand I respect this. I respect fans that don't let go of losses. It's why I'll never ever have a nice word to say about Luke Maye. It's why Christian Laettner is an enemy. Jeffrey Maier? I don't care if I'm almost a 35-year old father, I'd debate fighting him at Rough n Rowdy. Little asshole. Reggie Miller? The worst. I want people like that, who hold grudges and don't let go. I don't want to be friendly with any of them. So these French rappers? Well, they are going to remind Blanc about that 3-5-2 formation decision. 

I like to think of this more as a threat to current players and staff though. Don't fuck up or 6 years later there will be a song insulting you. That's how you light a spark under their ass and finally win the Champions League.