WATCH: Oregon State Blows Its Football Stadium to Smithereens

I love watching shit blow up. Can't get enough of it. If you live stream any structure being imploded, I will be tuning in. Now throw in the fact that it's a college football stadium and this got my Friday off to an amazing start.

Oregon State imploded the west side of Reser Stadium on Friday as part of a renovation project it's doing to update the stadium by 2023. I don't care about what the updated stadium is going to look like or any of that nonsense whatsoever, I just want to see charges detonated and massive structures reduced to rubble. I need to find out if any other parts of the stadium are going to be demolished, because I'll obviously be watching those live streams, as well.

There's just something about shit getting blown up. It's right up there with ear wax extraction videos in terms of pure satisfaction.

And shoutout to the good people of Corvallis, Oregon for making sure this implosion was actually visible to those of us watching online. When the stadium I spent my childhood going to was torn to the ground, all I saw was a MARTA bus parked right in front of the Georgia Dome and then it was gone.

That driver is still an asshole.