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Congratulations To Brandon Walker On Winning The Maui Invitational!!!


Brandon Walker and his team of miscreants won The Dozen tournament that was supposed to be held at the Arizona Bowl.

Good for him! Cute little tourney win. Sure, it was against little sisters of the poor, but Ws are Ws. It's still fun and all. But what kinda LOSER shows off about winning a preseason tournament? A person that lacks confidence, is insecure, and doesn't have one ounce of gumption swimming around in his nut sack. 

None of this should come as a shock to anybody, but needless to say, Brandon decided to start punching up after their win last night:

Like I said, suck my fat one. It just makes no sense. As of now, Brandon and his team of scrubs aren't Top 6 in the standings, and those are the only teams eligible for the crown. So what is team Chicago supposed to do? Take time out of our days to play a friendly that doesn't even count for the belt? 

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Yeah, no thank you. My time is too valuable for me to just sit on zoom with Brandon for an hour next week. As Chief said, we'll weigh our options against worthy adversaries. Perhaps Minihane wants a piece? Maybe The Yak wants to nut up? Maybe Frank and the Frankettes want another go around? We'll find out.

Nevertheless, congratulations on winning the Maui Invitational, Brandon. It was really fun watching you beat Chaminade Team Ziti. Way to lay it on them brother! Kenpom will for sure take note and you might see your team's name in the "also receiving votes" part of the polls next week