If Lighting A BBQ In The Back Of Your Truck While You're Driving Is Against The Law, Then Lock Me Up And Throw Away The Keys

Houston -- Harris County constables arrested a man who they say drove while intoxicated with a lit BBQ pit in the bed of his truck that sparked a large fire.

Jay Rojas was taken into custody on Jan. 5 in the 21400 block of Aldine Westfield Road. Deputies with Constable Mark Herman’s Office said standardized field sobriety tests proved Rojas was intoxicated. He also was in possession of alleged cocaine, police said.

Alright so driving drunk? Bad. Should be thrown in jail. In possession of cocaine? Realistically not great but I mean...some guys just like to party. 

But firing up the BBQ pit in the bed of your truck while you're driving? Well I'm sorry but that just seems like excellent time management to me. I'm assuming my guy wasn't just planning on grilling up some hot dogs and hamburgers. Maybe he had a few racks of ribs about to go on the pit. That's a solid 4-hour cook ahead of him if he's really pushing it, potentially 5-6 if he's taking it low and slow. 

Clearly my guy is on the move and that's precious time he's wasting on the road. Getting the pit up to temp is one of the most crucial steps to making great BBQ. Bring the smoker up to temperature, let it get dialed in, and then it makes the rest of the cook that much better. Even, consistent temps are the key to everything. So getting a jump start on that while he's driving is huge. If sticking to your schedule is wrong then I don't want to be right. I expected law enforcement in Texas to get that more than anyone, but I guess I was wrong. 

Sidenote: that mugshot is the face of a man who just realized all that meat he bought is about to go to waste. Have you seen brisket prices these days? Going to be tough to post bail when you just sank your whole bank account on 15 lbs of prime.