Markieff Morris Missed His 30th Straight Game, Responds By Calling Nikola Jokic A '300 Pound Sloppy Fat Boy' Because Of It

Well so much for this whole Jokic family vs Morris family war coming to a peaceful end. You may remember it all started, 30 games ago, with this: 


I love Jokic but can agree that's a pretty big cheap shot. Just decked him from behind. It ended up leading to Morris missing 30 straight games, which is wild. I don't blame Morris here. You miss 30 games you're going to have some anger. Calling Nikola Jokic a 300 pound fat sloppy boy is fucking hilarious though. It's just one of those lines that will always, always make me laugh. Specifically adding the sloppy. The fat boy comment, yeah, that's kind of played out. Adding sloppy? That's perfect. Makes it even better he calls him this about a week after the story of Jokic drinking Farva-levels of Coke. 

Oh and Morris wasn't going to retract this statement. 

Think it would only be fair to have these two fight each other. Settle it in the ring and get back to basketball.