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Nic Cage Talking About a Homicidal Horse Named Rain Man Who Continuously Tried To Murder Him While Filming a Movie Is Everything You Could Have Hoped For

Sometimes you get these actor roundtables and all you have are a bunch of pretentious assholes talking about their appreciation of the arts. Not here. Nic Cage, Andrew Garfield Simon Rex, Jonathan Majors and Peter Dinklage sat down for an hour long chat and put on a fucking show. The highlight of the chat? 

Nic Cage's recent war with a horse. Say no more. 

Not a day goes by in Nic Cage's life where he doesn't think about Rain Man. Not the Academy Award winning movie starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. No, Rain Man the homicidal horse from Montana. Throughout Cage's life he's handled anyone and anything that has stood in front of him with relative mastery. Nothing phases him. For everyone though there is that villain who was made to make our life hell. That foe that would always give them problems. That's Rain Man for Cage.

I love how Jonathan Majors knows exactly who the horse is. He did his very best to make Cage feel better about himself, alluding to the horse being older when they crossed paths only for Nic to admit this happened 3 weeks ago. That might've been my favorite part of the whole clip. 

Another thing, Andrew Garfield really just has the best personality, huh? Imagine being that guy? Who could possibly say a bad word about that fella after hanging out with him? If you can't get charmed by that man then you have no soul. The way he quietly fucked with Cage there was perfect. I will say, when he asked about horses feeling energy it got me thinking... 

So we know the rumor that Cage is a vampire, right? He slept in Dracula's castle up in the mountains of Transylvania while filming a movie years ago for crying out loud. No non-vampire is doing that for fun. Well, what if Rain Man sensed that Cage was a vampire and got spooked. Do horses have a thing with vampires? Let's ask Google science. 

Vampire bats have long been a nighttime nuisance to horse and cattle owners….Written records of vampire bats attacking horses at night in the tropics goes back to colonial Spaniard records (source)

Son of a bitch… The horse 100% sensed that a vampire was riding him and freaked out. Its only choice was to try and murder Cage any chance it got. It only makes sense that Jonathan Majors had no problem riding Rain Man. Never seen one rumor about him being a vampire. Garfield was also dead on with the energy question, even if he made it out to appear as a joke. He knew as well.

 Maybe it's one of those understood secrets in Hollywood that Cage is a vampire and everyone has to just keep their mouth shut or they die. I'm probably a dead man for even putting this in writing. 

Link to the full video interview is here. I can think of worse ways to kill an hour on a Friday.