The Boston Celtics Are Ruining My Life

What the fuck. Seriouisly, what the fuck. Knicks fans may have been surprised with that ending, but not us. Every single Celtics fan knew that shot was going to happen. I called it during the timeout

 because I've not only seen this movie before. I know that the only thing the Celtics know how to do is lose games in the most painful way possible and these last two nights confirm it. It's honestly insane how this keeps happening. Doesn't matter when the game happens, who it happens against, or what building. All this team knows is causing us pain. Evan motherfucking Fournier becoming the best shooter on earth? Only against the Celtics. Literally, we're the only team he plays well against. Blowing not one, but two separate 20 point leads? Only the Celtics do that. They play losing basketball when it matters most and that is why they lose. Another loss by 1 possession. Another choke. We are watching a team blow their season right before our eyes. 

I'd say I'm numb to this shit but I'm not. Each one of these is a body blow that will haunt me forever. At what point does this kind of pain stop? I'm honestly not sure how much more of this I can take. It's EVERY SINGLE FUCKING GAME.

We'll go through the pain in the morning. Fuck everything.