Antonio Brown Allegedly Snuck An OnlyFans Model Who Went Viral For Licking A Toilet Seat For The 'Coronavirus Challenge' Into His Hotel Room The Night Before The Jets Game And Told Her "I Can't Wait For You To See What I Do Tomorrow"

Daily Mail- NFL star Antonio Brown smuggled the influencer who went viral for licking a toilet seat into his hotel room for a steamy romp the night before he stormed off the field during a game, can reveal. Brown, 33, snuck glamorous lingerie blogger Ava Louise, 23, into the Westin in Jersey City, New Jersey last Saturday in defiance of the NFL's Covid rules – and filmed a series of pornographic videos during the romp.

Blonde Louise, who shot to fame in 2020 after she filmed herself licking a toilet seat in a bid to catch Covid, told she spent an hour with the wide receiver and snuck past security to join Brown for the sex session

'So, I was like this is a really weird situation. He kept mumbling and then waking up and saying, "I'm going to give you tickets, I can't wait for you to see what I do tomorrow. I can't wait for you to see me tomorrow."

Hold on one second, just gonna let my brain try to comprehend this story.

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Still doing it..

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Almost there…

Yup, Antonio Brown finally found the algorithm of the simulation we are living in, hacked it, and ensured he will be a trending topic for the rest of his life. I mean come on, throwing an OnlyFans model that just so happened to go viral for licking a toilet for a "Coronavirus Challenge" into a story where he left his team led by Tom Brady in bizarre fashion is like throwing napalm on a fire.

As someone who has covered roughly 1000 Antonio Brown stories since his last season with the Steelers, I think Antonio Brown legitimately may be better at going viral than he is at playing football and he may is the best player at his position of his generation even if all he meant by his "watch what I do tomorrow" was him thinking he would cook the Jets defense instead of leaving the field during an NFL game.

Here I thought the most outrageous AB story I would blog today was this.

Nope, egg on my face! Any blog with the mere mention of an OnlyFans model does numbers on this site even if it's the same story of someone getting fired from a job then making a million dollars a month. It turns out Barstool readers like reading about people in the exotic arts.

As any good journalist would do, I went to Ava's Instagram to verify it was her and I think I can confirm that this is indeed the same lovely woman from the Daily Mail.

However, anyone that went to Ava's IG got a little surprise when they went to her IG Story.

Obviously this is a very sensitive story that is changing by the minute so please check back for updates as I get them.

UPDATE: Antonio Brown may have been involved in an unlimited amount of crazy stories, but I'm going to reserve judgment on everything in this story being close to true after finding this out along with the whole "licked a toilet seat to go viral" thing (No offense to the fine scribes at the Daily Mail).