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Heavyweight Boxing Champion Tyson Fury Has Called Out Heavyweight UFC Champion Francis Ngannou To Fight In A Boxing Match With MMA Gloves

This would be so fucking awesome. Would it be a great fight? Probably not. The obvious analysis here would be that Tyson Fury would out box the shit out of Francis Ngannou and I would have to say I’d agree. I mean how could you not. Tyson Fury is the best boxer in the world. I don’t think there is a human being on planet earth that could beat him right now in a pure boxing match. He’s super tall, super long, has great cardio and puts on a master class with the accuracy/power of his hands and his head and feet movement. Do I think the spectacle is worth the price of admission/PPV? To that my answer is yes. 

Call me crazy, call me ambitious, call me whatever you want but I think this would be very entertaining to see. The true X factor here is the 4 oz MMA gloves. I think that’s a game changer you can sell the people on. No matter how much better of a boxer Fury is than Ngannou, Francis can hit any man in the chin with 4 oz gloves and hurt him and that’s a fact. Will he be able to hit Fury? That’s the question that I’m willing to tune in for and find out. Francis only has one fight left on his UFC contract so who knows, maybe it‘s possible. You can agree or disagree if you like the idea of the event but all i know is they have a PPV buy from me.