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The Wizards Announcer Has Apologized For His Blunder And Now LeBron Should Apologize Too


In one of the most 1 in a million mistakes a broadcaster could make, Glenn Consor on the Wizards broadcast said "Kevin Porter Jr., like his dad, pulled that trigger right at the right time". This sent everyone into mob mode, because Kevin Porter Jr's father once shot a 14 year old girl. However, there is ANOTHER Kevin Porter who was an NBA player who played in Washington, no less. So think about all the pieces that had to line up for this to happen:

First, Kevin Porter Jr. has to share a name with a former Washington Bullets player. Then his real dad needs to have shot someone, then KPJ needed to hit a game winning shot against Washington, then Glenn, confused by the different Kevin Porters, had to use the word "trigger" to describe a basketball shot. For everything to happen like that is absolutely insane.

Glenn Consor has apologized for his mistake:


And either he's a sick genius who was going for some double meaning/play on words, or he just made a mistake and should be forgiven. I'd probably go with the latter. 

LeBron though, without knowing the details, called for his job:



And Kevin Love followed suit:



But he also then backtracked because he understands context is king.




Meanwhile LeBron hasn't said shit, and Marcin Gortat (LEGEND) is about to fight him at RnR:



DRAG HIS ASS, MARCIN. Seems like we aren't the only people tired of LeBron's bullshit day after day after day.

I feel for KPJ that now everyone is talking about his dad, and I feel for Glenn Consor who definitely did not envision himself being dragged through the mud by LeBron James. 


PS: There's still a piece of me that wonders if Consor knew what he was doing and wanted to be sneaky. Like, one of those spur of the moment jokes that you justtttt can't help yourself but to say. We've all been there. I don't think he did, but there's that piece of me that simply wonders.