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Was it always Jumpsuit January?

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Jersey Jerry (me) has always been a fan of wearing a jumpsuit (tracksuit). I remember as a little kid asking for a few different pairs when it was my birthday or around Christmas time. I loved the look of matching top and bottom and I thought it looked cool. 

As Jersey Jerry got older I started buying them on my own and its seemed like not too many people liked wearing them so they were very reasonable to buy. I could get a set top and bottom for around $40-$50. Whether it would be nike, puma, or adidas they would be all around the same price point. These last 3 years I have noticed a significant price increase. I wish I can fit into my old tracksuits because they are really nice but I can't wear a medium anymore. I don't know why these jumpsuits got so expensive, but I think its because Big Cat and PFT started wearing them all the time. Now they are going for about $120-$170 which is insane. I guess I can put the blame on both of them. I live with my mom in the basement so people might get mad and say just buy it for the price it is now but I feel like I'm getting beat. I feel like these companies need to take a step back and drop the price. it isn't fair in my opinion. Maybe they should cancel jumpsuit January and next year we might see a drop in price. Any advice on where I can get them at a reasonable price please let me know. Thanks for letting me write a blog.


Jersey Jerry (me)