Charlie Batch Is Offering Caleb Williams $1 Million to Transfer to Eastern Michigan

Remember Charlie Batch? After a 12-year NFL career which included passing for more than 11,000 yards, Batch is now listed as the Senior Vice President of Strategic Investments for Capstone Holdings. And he's leveraging that position to try to lure former Oklahoma quarterback Caleb Williams to Eastern Michigan for the very reasonable price of $1 million.

You could not find a more perfect embodiment of college football in 2022 than this exact situation. Williams had an unbelievable true freshman season at Oklahoma, his coach leaves in the dead of night and then Williams enters the transfer portal in search of the highest bidder. If Eastern Michigan has million-dollar bag men, I can only imagine what numbers are being thrown around by the big boys.

Williams' father said the most important factor in his decision was which school would best prepare him for the NFL. That certainly wouldn't seem to be Eastern Michigan, but if you can cash a $1 million check for a year's worth of work at 20 years old, that's not a bad gig.

I'm pretty sure it's still against the rules to explicitly offer a prospect money in exchange for going to a specific school, but nobody really cares at this point. The transfer portal, for guys like Williams, is a one-way ticket to finding the biggest bag.

It would actually be pretty awesome to see Williams go to the MAC and throw for 5,000 yards and 45 touchdowns. He's going to be a top five pick regardless of where he plays the next two years anyway, so why not? He should accept a giant $83,333 check at the 50-yard line after each game, too. Make a show of it.

If Jackson State can get the No. 1 recruit in the country, EMU can get Williams for $1 million.