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The Inside Of A Kangaroo's Pouch Looks Just About As Cozy You'd Imagine

I've said it once and I'll say it a thousand times over. Animals are fucking cool. They rock our socks off. Whether it's some crabs in the ocean, elephants out in the wild, or kangaroos hanging out in Australia they are SIGNIFICANTLY cooler than humans and there's no if's and's or but's about it which could not ring true any more after seeing this TikTok. I mean look at the little Joey and his momma hanging out utilizing the pouch!

I feel like in the animal world we also severely underrate just how cool it is that these kangaroos magically have pouches just hanging out on their stomachs for their kids to hangout in while they develop into a fully grown kangaroo that's capable of taking Australia by storm. And NEVER would I EVER even think about the possibility of seeing inside of one of these pouches...that is until this mind-blowing TikTok I had just stumbled across.

And look how comfy that fella looks in there! The only problem has gotta be actually getting these Joeys out of there to roam around and find their own due to the unbelievable comfort that looks like it provides. If I was a kangaroo I'd ABSOLUTELY stay in there for as long as possible...Basically like those kids can recite the dictionary but are still trying to breast feed?