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Video: Mac Jones' Girlfriend Calmly Puts Out a Kitchen Fire, Proving She is the Mac Jones of Girlfriends

One thing about us in New England is that we have high standards for our leaders. We look to them to conduct themselves in certain ways. To surround themselves with nothing but the best. Whether that's Mr. Krafts own personal air force to escorting his accomplished ladyfriend to the most exclusive Hollywood parties:

... to Bill Belichick sitting on the throne of Nantucket next to his Queen Linda Holliday. From whom much is given, much is expected. We live vicariously through our rulers, and the top quality people, places and things they have in their lives become, by extension, a part of our own. 

And so it is that Mac Jones has mighty cleats to fill. Both on the field and in his personal life. And while Matthew Judon confirms he probably won't be red carpetting it at the Met Gala any time soon like the legend he's replacing, he nevertheless has chosen a life partner worthy of walking in Gisele's fashionable Pradas. 

Jones' long time girlfriend Sophie Scott posted this to her Instagram:

TMZ -  Scary scene at Mac Jones' home earlier this week … a dinner made for the Patriots quarterback caught on fire -- but, thankfully, his girlfriend was able to put out the small inferno.

The wild scene was all captured on Jones' in-home Furbo camera on Monday … showing Sophie Scott scrambling to douse a sheet tray that had burst into flames. …

Fortunately, she was able to get a sliding glass door open and chuck the pan onto the lawn -- avoiding catastrophe.

Scott joked about it all afterward … saying, "It's okay to laugh (everythings ok) I shared because I'm dying laughing about what the Furbo catches."

Tell me these two aren't absolutely meant for each other. A perfect pair. A match made in Tuscaloosa. 

She's clearly got the same mind set as her man. When things go wrong, some people panic, get happy feet, see ghosts, freeze up, and make matters worth. While the truly great ones are able to slow the game down, calmly assess the situation, keep their fundamentals, remember their reads, and work the problem, find a solution, and pull out the W. 

Her decision to casually toss that hot, flaming, cake pan of death out into the wet yard when a lesser cook would've frozen in terror has so many analogs to Jones' career I don't even know where to begin. 

Her finding that inferno in her oven was Mac throwing a pick-6 to Trevon Diggs. And her quick thinking to save disaster was his hitting Kendrick Bourne on a 75-yard Seam route one play later. 

The fire was back-to-back interceptions and a turnover on downs at the end of the half in Indy. The day-saving toss onto the grass was the three straight scoring drives that followed. 

Your kitchen about to go up in flames? The second Buffalo game. The "all clear" that followed? Boyfriend and pets alike perfectly save? The Jacksonville game. 

I like my quarterbacks to have the very best of everything. But I also like them to meet a little adversity, because it's all part of the growth process it. How they handle the tough times is a good indicator of how they'll measure up in the long term. Pressure makes diamonds, but it can also make rubble.  Mac Jones has already demonstrated what he's capable of in the worst of moments. It's good to know he's with someone with the same innate ability to come through in the clutch. He and she are both true Patriots.