A Girls' High School Basketball Coach Got Suspended for Kicking Too Much Ass in a 92-4 Win

Hartford Courant — In this case, the score said it all: 92-4.

Sacred Heart Academy of Hamden defeated Lyman Hall-Wallingford by that margin in girls high school basketball on Monday night, a game of mismatched opponents that got out of hand. On Tuesday Sacred Heart suspended coach Jason Kirck for one game as a result and school president Sister Sheila O’Neill issued a statement of remorse.

This is America in 2022. You coach your team to go out on the court and do their best, they do it and then you get suspended.

I'm actually not entirely convinced this isn't the most blatant act of sexism I've seen in a while. If Bronny James and Sierra Canyon won a game by 88 points, it would lead SportsCenter.

My stance on games like this is the same as my stance on celebrations throughout sports: if you don't want it to happen, do something about it. Unless they were playing under some sort of weird new rules I'm not familiar with, that team that got their shit kicked in got the ball back with a chance to score after every basket from Sacred Heart Academy. If you're down 80-0 after the third quarter, that's on y'all.

Sacred Heart is 3-0 and considered one of the best teams in the state with previous wins over Stamford, 83-48, and Shelton, 80-37. On Monday, the Sharks led 29-0 after one quarter, 56-0 at halftime and 80-0 after three quarters.

If you want to be one of these people whining about calling off the dogs and all that other "everyone gets a trophy" bullshit, Coach Kirck should be applauded for only scoring 12 points in the fourth quarter. He was on pace for a 100-piece and he stopped multiple possessions shy of triple digits. That's far more sportsmanship than was required in my book.

I, for one, am glad those girls from Lyman Hall learned a valuable life lesson Wednesday night. Sometimes you get your ass kicked. There are people out there better than you. Do your best to fix it and move on.

I want this coach coming for blood when he gets back from his one-game suspension. Go out there and put 150 on the board. Take no prisoners.