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"If You're Scared To Come Here Because You Think You Might Lose, Then Don't Come" - C.J Mosley Is Turning The Jets Into a Wagon

People have to start getting it into their heads, the Jets are the team of the future. CJ Mosley has captained a defense that has shown up in big games. They are a couple of pieces away from becoming a legit wagon. Everything is there. With picks projected to be 2nd and 7th in the draft, this team is on the edge of being a legitimate contender. 

The Jets offense has also started to click. We got legit ballers on the team and that is with 7 starters out. 

If the Jets do not re-sign the modern Wayne Chrebet it is going to be absolute bullshit. He and Zach Wilson could build a decade's worth of chemistry and be a consistent difference on third-down conversions that win teams championships. Zach Wilson is making elite modern QB 4.0 throws.

In my head, there are 4 eras of QB play in NFL history

QB 1.0- Joe Namath, Otto Graham, Johnny Unitas

QB 2.0- Jim Kelly, Steve Young, John Elway

QB 3.0- Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers

QB 4.0- Russel Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen (Maybe Zach Wilson one day) 

(I may write a blog on this soon it's just how my mind structures different eras of QB play in my head)

If Zach Keeps making throws like this and gets a full core of healthy wide receivers this time might just be in business. 

Fantasize this: Week 1 opener against the Bills up in Orchard Park. The Jets, after a huge offseason rebuild, upset the Bills in a low-scoring game. The defense locks down the Bills offense backed by a hard-hitting CJ Mosley and the Williams brothers. Zach Wilson plays a conservative possession-controlled game while having just enough huge scoring plays to Elijah Moore and Braxton Berrios to get a win. Robert Saleh's bald head is gleaming in the late summer September sunlight. He is hyped, Jets fans are hyped. 

I mean this may not result in a Super Bowl but the Jets have never won more than 11 games in a season, ever. A playoff berth, or finishing over .500, would be the greatest possible outcome. Now we just gotta figure out some sort of smear campaign to get Aiden Hutchinson to drop to #4…


Yes, this is extremely petty. Gotta do what I gotta do, this is the team that broke Antonio Brown!