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Viktor Hovland Waited A Week For His Clubs To Show Up In Hawaii For This Week's Tournament Annndddd Good Luck Using That Driver

I know that he'll have a new driver. In fact I know he'll be offered a million new drivers. But how do you feel going into a Tournament and this is how your clubs show up? You have to lose all confidence whether you're an 18 handicap or Viktor Hovland. I don't care who you are. There's something about the comfort level of your clubs. It's why I refuse to regrip my putter. It's the (only) club I trust. I like the frayed feel, the putter cover that's ripped and lining up for a typical bogey. Mind you, Hovland has been in Hawaii for a week and this is how your shit shows up? That's a bad break for anyone. 

Honestly and selfishly - I'm just glad we have the PGA Tour back on. One of the beauties of working from home is never missing sporting events since I just work from my recliner with a bunch of TVs in my face. Some days it's a drag when you're just cycling through background noise. But when there's golf on, I'll argue there's nothing better in the background. You can zone out and just sort of listen, you know when to look up for the few seconds and keep on working. 


I enjoy Hovland too. He's one of the best young golfers in the world and I like watching him play. That said, I'm terrified of him in the Ryder Cup. I know we smoked them this past year, but Hovland just has the feel of a dude who is going to destroy us one time and haunt us forever. I can't really explain it outside of that. Mostly because I forget he's European since he went to Oklahoma State and plays on the PGA Tour all the time. 

Good luck to Hovland though. 2nd group off the tee. I want to see one PGA Tour event where they have to play like us though. No new clubs. Your driver snaps? Gotta find the 3-wood off the tee every hole. I like when they mix in different sort of events in the tour like match play or the team play event. Give me one regular ass tour event.