Oh Shit, I'm Gonna Be A Mom

I think of life as having a bunch of "oh shit" moments just strung together. Like, oh shit, when I had my first call with Dave about joining Barstool and eventually getting a full time job. Or oh shit in a bad way… like when the Bruins lost the 2019 Stanley Cup on home ice (I'm clearly still not over it). But when I took a pregnancy test a week before Thanksgiving that was positive, it was the biggest oh shit moment of my life. 

Oh shit, I'm gonna be a mom.

I debated even writing this blog because I wasn't sure if I could find a funny angle… Outside of writing about the B's I try to pick and choose my spots. But I figured why not. My husband and I couldn't be happier. 

I've always said Barstool is just a big family (albeit dysfunctional at times). I couldn't have been more nervous to tell Dave however. Uhhhh hey Dave in July I'm popping out a kid and will be a bit MIA for a little… I've always thought getting pregnant would hinder my career. I am beyond lucky to have such a great job and two great leaders in Dave and Erika. Truly, Dave has had my back ever since I've been here and I was so elated to hear how happy he was for me. It felt like such a weight off my back. 

Prior to the last couple of years I have never seriously thought about being a Mom. It was never something I felt that I wanted, especially this soon. But now that there is this tiny baby growing in me I'm obsessed. I'm obsessed, I'm excited and I'm terrified all at once. There is nothing more I want to do. It has changed my life perspective in an instant and they aren't even here yet. I have two unbelievable parents, I never appreciated how much they did for me and my brothers until I was older. We didn't grow up rich and have everything but they made us feel everyday that we had everything. The sacrifices they made to make us happy and to help us succeed… I get it now. 

So here we go, I expect there be a lot more "oh shit" moments along the way. Like I said, my husband and I are over the moon and we can't wait to raise this tiny little B's fan. 

Excited to ask Kate and the Podfathers fellas a million questions because I don't know whattttttt I'm doing. Viva.

ps.. imagine thinking I wouldn't announce my pregnancy with a baby pooh bear jersey? #BringItBack

pps.. sorry for the sappy blog, you can blame the hormones.

Go B's.