I Think The Creators Of Mafia II Made The Game Just A LITTLE Too Realistic

So recently I've been getting pretty bored on the weeknights where I'm not going out or partaking in alcoholic beverages. I usually just get home from work, hangout, cook dinner in the realm of 7ish, watch whatever sports are on whether it be Rangers hockey or college basketball, and then just chill until it's time to enjoy my fruit at Midnight (IYKYK). I've really been looking for ways pass time between dinner and fruit so I decided to go back to the ole well that's been doing just that for me since the 7th grade...the lifelong friend that is Xbox.

I got on there the other day not knowing what game I should settle for. Should I have downloaded a GTA just to put in all the cheat codes & fuck around 24/7/365? Should I download the newest NHL, Madden, or FIFA to get back into the sports video game world? Or should I just play Mafia II that I had downloaded from over a year and only played like 1 mission on? I chose the latter. Figured it would be fun to virtually get my button in Empire Bay in the 1940's. Why not?

Although within a few hours of playing I realized that this game was ridiculously realistic. One of the first missions was to literally load up a truck with crates down at the docks. Took me some time. Later I was on another mission to get an MG42 from a weapons dealer and I literally had to buzzed in. BUZZED IN! Like he buzzed me in...I missed the buzzer...and I couldn't get into the place at first. It is phenomenally accurate and boring. Still a great game though. I made my bones last night aka whacked somebody for the first time so we gotta keep going. I'll let you guys know when I finally get made.