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Happy Double Doink Day Everybody!

Some remember January 6th as a dark mark on America as Insurrection Day. Others view it as a dark mark on America bright shining moment of greatness, hope, prosperity, and beauty as Dave Portnoy Day. In Chicago and Philly, it's Double Doink Day.  What a moment stuck forever in time. 3 years ago tonight, history was made. The Double Doink will forever live on in infamy through the Chicago streets and in honor in Philadelphia lore. Even though I STILL think Cody Parkey got the wrong end of the shaft in the long run. People forget he did score 9 of the Bears 15 points that night...

Regardless, what a time to be alive. Let us relive the magic. Si Señor! Si Señor! Si Señor!

"Cody Parkey can't kick during a full moon" - CONFIRMED:

"Thanks, Cody!" - Brandon Graham


Last but not least, Carl. Sweet, sweet Carl: