Washington Wizards Announcer Either Made A Huge Mistake Or a Really Bad Joke When He Said ‘Kevin Porter Jr., like his dad, pulled that trigger right at the right time’


So this is becoming a huge thing right now. Last night during the Wizards game, the announcer Glenn Consor commented on Kevin Porter Jr's game winning basket that much like his father, he pulled the trigger at the right time. This has led to a lot of outrage, including from Mr. LeBron James himself



So what's the big deal? 

Well, you see, there are 2 options here.

Option 1 is Consor thought Kevin Porter, the long-time NBA player and former Washington Bullet, was Kevin Porter Jr's father.



That would make sense, right? Well, unfortunately Kevin Porter is NOT KPJ's father. Nope. Not even a little. KPJ's father….


AA - Porter’s father, Kevin Porter Sr., was charged with first-degree murder after shooting a 14-year-old girl and spent four years in prison over it (Porter Sr. claimed the gun accidentally discharged, which was backed up by a witness). Porter Sr. was killed in 2004 after being shot five times in a bar following a heated interaction.


Ooooohhh…that's awkward. Pulling at shirt collar. Yikes. 

So we either have the worst possible case of mistaken identity, or a really ill-timed joke that was literally in a trillion years was never going to go over well. You can't even blame the mob for being mad about it, you simply cannot make jokes about a guy's dad who shot a 14 year old girl and then was later murdered himself after a dude makes a 3 pointer. I'm not saying that's what he did, but who amongst us hasn't made the most ill-timed joke in the world and immediately regretted it? Or it could be a combo of both, some sort of Freudian slip. It's truly the worst possible thing he could have said. 

I have no idea how this plays out. In my heart of hearts I want to believe it was just an awful mistake. It seems a bit too blatant (I don't know if that's the correct word here…but like, too…obvious? Too on the nose?) to be a true mistake, but also, it makes perfect sense in the basketball world- pulling the trigger is the most common phrase for shooting a ball, and the elder Kevin Porter played for Washington. So I have zero idea of the intention here. All I do know people are not happy. We shall see what happens now.