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Glenny Balls' 2nd Official OnlyFans Power Rankings Of The Week

It is OFFICIALLY the New Year and with the new year comes the 2nd ever Glenny Balls' Official OnlyFans Power Rankings Of The Week. I think the first ever installment (that I've posted above) did well enough for me return for a second time so here I am with a brand new rankings. Will there be some familiar faces? Maybe. Will we be content with the content either way? Hopefully. Will I give more ACTUAL information than I did? Also maybe. I'm still not sure what I'm (legally) allowed to write about what when it comes to the specific content that these folks post so if anyone with knowledge on the subject can fill me in on that...

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Until then we shall persevere and move forward as vaguely as possible! Enough small talk, though. Let's get into the reason we're all here…the rankings.

#5 Alexas Morgan

Alright…I'm just gonna call a spade a spade here. After last week I got A LOT of tweets saying I have a very specific type and this pick is REALLY is not helping my cause. You know what I gotta say about that though?

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Alexas Morgan is a remarkable OnlyFans follow mostly because her strategy is one of a kind. She rolls out a different playbook than everyone else by making her subscription TOTALLY FREE and capitalizing fully off the content in the DM's. When it comes to masterminds you gotta go Phil Jackson, Bill Belichick, and now Alexas Morgan. I mean if you make your OnlyFans free is anyone EVER going to unsubscribe? It's genius. RE2PECT.

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#4 Corinna Kopf

Listen people. I know she was my inaugural #1 pick and for that reason our queen Corinna is the only returning model from the first edition. Since we last wrote this up she posted a photo that, if we're being frank, quite simply made my year. As I stated in the intro I don't want to disclose what it is because I'm not sure if that's allowed, but I will say it actually DID NOT feature nudity. Something completely different yet by god did it blow a fella away. And THAT reason is why Queen Corinna has gone 2 for 2 on the official OnlyFans Power Rankings of the Week.

#3 Izzy Green

Everyone knows if you're reading these rankings you're in the trust tree so I'm just gonna come out and say it on this one. I recently found Izzy through TikTok. Finding her OnlyFans was basically an easy game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon but instead of getting Kevin Bacon at the end you have to pay for a monthly OnlyFans subscription. I saw a video of hers on TikTok which then led to her Instagram which then led to a linktree in the bio and everyone knows what a linktree in the bio means….

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The rest is history.

#2 Sierra Skye

Alrighty if you don't know Sierra Skye at this point I'm fairly confident you don't have wi-fi. There's no other explanation possible. She's up there with the most beautiful instagram models this side of the Earth and happens to have made an OnlyFans within the recent months. Am I gonna sit here and say the stuff she posts is as wild as say Ms. Alexas Morgan? Of course not because that would be a lie. Though is it awesome for Sierra Skye to post literally anything? YES. Yes it is. Not to mention I've obviously been monitoring this one for awhile and all I'm gonna say is it's slowly getting better and better and better and better.

#1 HayleyToTheMax

So Hayley was recently suggested to me by a friend and let me tell ya folks…it was the best suggestion I've gotten in about a decade with that one being since the deli I still go to every Saturday that I'm home TO THIS DAY. I mean I don't want to bore you too much here but that's nearly the perfect woman. I'm talking like '06 Jessica Simpson level perfect. AND among other things WhiteSoxDave follows her on instagram which helps the cause as well. The $15 a month subscription price here is also very manageable. This is how NFL GM's must feel when they have an All-Pro player on a rookie contract.

We have now concluded. See you next week.

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