(Updated With Video): Aaron Rodgers Reacted To The Chicago Writer Who Refuses To Vote For Him For MVP: "I Think He’s a Bum. I Think He’s An Absolute Bum. He Doesn’t Know Me.”

Quinn Harris. Getty Images.

The hot topic in the sports world today has surrounded the Chicago writer Hub Arkush who said he will refuse to consider Aaron Rodgers for the MVP award because he's the biggest jerk in the NFL and a bad guy. Was his intention to get his name out there and stir the pot? Well, Aaron Rodgers has responded to those comments so consider that mission accomplished. 

You call Rodgers a jerk, well…YOU'RE A BUM!!!

(Updated with video)

Bum is such a good diss. Jerk is childish and doesn't really hit hard that deep if we're being honest. You sound worse calling someone a jerk than getting called a jerk.  Calling someone a bum as an adult is vicious. I think maybe only "bozo" would rank as high as the best non-curse word insults. You get called a bum in a serious manner and you best pack it up for the day and go home. 

As for the story, really nothing further to add here without repeating myself. If you are valuing a person's personality for the NFL MVP award you should not have a vote. If you put yourself above the MVP award to protect its integrity and holiness then you should not have a vote. If you think Aaron Rodgers is truly a bad guy you're mistaken. Do some/a lot of his opinions disagree with yours? Could absolutely be true, but that should not discount him from being selected as the NFL's most valuable player. You think Brady or Taylor had better seasons? Fair enough, that's acceptable in my book, but if you are crossing Rodgers off the list because of his thoughts you should not have the privilege of voting. 

LaFleur echoed the same sentiment earlier today.

Fuck Hub Arkush.