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The NFL Is Reportedly Already Looking Into Moving The Super Bowl To Jerry's World If It Can't Be Played In Los Angeles

WFAA- WFAA has confirmed that the NFL is looking into the availability of venues outside of California, including Arlington’s AT&T Stadium, should it need a replacement venue for this year’s Super Bowl. Super Bowl LVI is currently scheduled to take place on Sunday, February 13, at the brand new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, just outside of Los Angeles.

A Dallas Cowboys front office source tells WFAA that the team and league have engaged in preliminary discussions about AT&T Stadium serving as an emergency site for the 2022 Super Bowl should possible COVID restrictions in California create problems with playing the game in Southern California. The Cowboys source told us "the league did inquire about a date if [the] stadium is available. But that’s all I’ve ever heard. They could be just covering all options just in case."

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy tells WFAA that the NFL indeed has looked into backup venues for this year’s Super Bowl — as, he says, it does every year.

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I want to be mad that Jerruh has his hooks so deep in the league that he may end up with another Super Bowl at The House That Jimmy Johnson Built 11 years after hosting one that was an absolute shitshow due to an ice storm. I want to kick and scream that any team with a decent chance to win the Super Bowl in the Barstool Sportsbook shouldn't be allowed to get the break of potentially hosting the Big Game™ other than the Rams and Chargers who had this Super Bowl booked years ago because it would be a competitive advantage along with the other 31 NFL fanbases hating the Cowboys.

But I can't. You know why? Because Texas is the NFL of America. Any state whose motto is don't mess with it is going to make sure that the biggest game in the country takes place as scheduled. It doesn't matter if coronavirus buys up every ticket in the stadium and is starting at QB. Super Bowl LVI will be played on Sunday February 13th with kickoff at 6:30 if it is being played in Jerry's World, which is exactly what a league who has not had to cancel a single game in two years of this pandemic wants to here. I made this meme back when Goodell refused to move the draft back even a week back when covid was still relatively new to our lives and nothing that I've seen has changed my mind about it.

You can also slap the state of Texas over the NFL shield and the sentiment would be the exact same

Plus let's be honest, Jerry's World should be one of the stadiums that hosts a Super Bowl every decade along with the stadiums in Miami, New Orleans, Las Vegas, LA, and Indianapolis simply because that TV screen is a modern marvel. Yeah I threw Indianapolis on the list because every time they host a big event, everybody at said big event sucks Indy's proverbial dick for being the perfect layout to host a big event. So I'll throw them on here for that alone while also hoping maybe some big shot in Indianapolis will give me tickets to see my first Super Bowl if/when it returns there. 

Anyway hats off to Jerry for building a stadium in Texas roughly 8000000 times better than the ones the Maras and Johnsons built in New Jersey despite them being built roughly a year apart. Let's Go whoever the hell the Cowboys play Wild Card Weekend, hopefully on Monday Night Football so they have a short week if they win.