I Request Justice For My Hometown Deli After We Botched Our Mozzarella Taste Test Today With Meals By Cug

So on today's Mush The Line the fellas were joined by TikTok Legend Meals By Cug for a Fresh Mozzarella taste test. Rico & Cug brought in a few balls of fresh mozz from some great places in Staten Island while I woke up early today to grab some of my favorite fresh mozz from my local deli in town- Antonio's. Now did I think Antonio's would stand up against legitimate Titans in the game from Staten Island? Of course not. That'd be like Brisket from Ohio standing up to a central Texas brisket. 

THOUGH I didn't expect it to be the one that was by far the worst. Like so bad that I thought it may have been chopped up string cheese. I simply knew for a fact that wasn't Antonio's. I've been enjoying that mozz for years on end on Christmas Eve's so I knew there was no way in Hell.

Yet when we revealed our rankings at the end of the show it turned out that the worst one was 'supposedly' Antonio's. NOPE. The order was screwed up. Thank God it was a farce.

Then most importantly I had to plead my case to Antonio's to not spit in my food the next time I walk in there. It's an amazing deli with everything in the under the Sun. The paninis are too die for. The Italian sandwiches are second to none. The mozz is great. And don't even get me started on the extracurriculars they cook themselves. I love you, Antonio's.