German Woman Parachutes Into A Full-Blown Marriage With A Plane But Not Because It Has Thrusters That Will Literally Rip Your Own Landing Gear Off- It’s Because of Love!

Berlin: In perhaps the most bizarre announcement ever, a woman from Berlin, Germany said that she is all set to marry a jumbo plane, which she has been ‘dating’ for the past six years!Also Read - Watch | This 13-Year-Old Boy's Emotional Speech for Dad Killed in Iran Plane Crash Will Break Your Heart

The woman named Michele Köbke revealed that she has plans to tie the knot with the Boeing 737-800 at an intimate ceremony in the Netherlands, later this year. Also Read - Shooting The Messenger? Person Who Filmed Iran Plane Crash Arrested

The 30-year-old, who is a saleswoman, says that she ‘met’ the plane at Berlin Tegel airport back in March 2014, claiming it was love at first sight. She has even nicknamed the 737-800 “Schatz” which translates to “darling”.

Michele remembers that after seeing it for the first time, she was awed by the jet’s wings and thrusters. Finally, in September 2019, she was ‘finally’ able to get her hands on her ‘man’ and got the ‘opportunity’ to plant a kiss on the side of the 40-tonne aircraft.

When we initially hear stories about folks marrying non-traditional spouses, we laugh. We imagine what it would be like being married to a robot with a perfect pussy or a blow-up doll with a dick so curved that even Meghan Thee Stallion would have issues giving it a proper go. We see rural folks with a machine that will ever so gently get off balance and then shake in a way that gives our legs the shakes under the weight of pleasure whose origin is our bulging clits. Sorry if that's too descriptive but we are talkin love, folks. A love that requires some grinding on the washing machine and then another cold water cycle to clean the cream of celery from our soaked panties. Whew, buddy. That's romance however short that affair might last. 

This case is something different. This is a years-long romance that isn't just physical. You look across the hanger and see a jumbo jet with thrusters so large that you know it can take you across the globe on a single tank. Shy at first, the big boy plane is going through its pre-flight checks. You laugh. It's so cute watching him sitting there with the e-brake and chock blocks positioned perfectly. 


"Haha. Why do you need those blocks? With all that ass, you ain't goin nowhere" you giggle barely loud enough for the mechanics to hear you. Embarrassed, as the red washing departs from your face, you pull up your skirt and show your world to a plane that has covered nearly every inch of the globe. Next thing you know... plane nut. 

Talk about a cum shot. Whew. Incredible. Got me feelin like a Waffle House hashbrown order. Smothered and covered with big cum. Wow

PS: just saw this story was from 2020. Dont care. Enjoy!