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Your Lion Escaped From Your Kuwaiti Home? Hakuna Matata- Just Pick That Thang Up Like A Sack of Potatoes And Bring It Home

Jan. 4 (UPI) -- A viral video showing a woman carrying a lion in her arms on a Kuwait street shows the aftermath of the animal's escape, local authorities confirmed.

The video, which circulated widely online after being shared on social media, shows a young woman carrying a young lion in her arms Sunday in the Sabahiya area, south of Kuwait City, while the animal appears to struggle.

That woman gave absolutely no fucks about the lion. That lion was growling its ass off and probably ready to get in a quick little nibble on her neck. She didnt care, though. Back home with the rest of the pride for you, little miss lion. You think you can just head out to the Shadowy Place without momma coming to snatch your ass up? No chance. Momma is ready to pounce and teach you a lesson once you get home. Hell, you did shit or piss inside but shes probably still ready to rub your nose in it. SMH. We were all worried sick. You know how many people are ready to lure a rouge lion into their Mercedes Sprinter Van? Boy, if I had a nickel. 

Anyway, lion goofin is par for the course in Kuwait.