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Dog Leads Police to Owner's Crash

LEBANON, N.H. — A dog in New Hampshire is being hailed as a hero for leading police to the victims of a serious crash.

New Hampshire State Police said a trooper responded to a report of a loose dog on Interstate 89 near the border with Vermont around 10 p.m. Monday. The trooper, joined by officers from a local police department, spotted the dog on the interstate. 

As the officers tried to get close to the dog, it ran off, leading the officers north on the interstate into Vermont. A short time later, the officers noticed a heavily damaged guard rail and found a pick-up truck that had rolled over and ejected two occupants of the truck from the vehicle.

Both victims were reportedly seriously injured in the crash. As police called for medical help, they learned the dog, a Shiloh shepherd named Tinsley, belonged to one of the injured occupants of the truck. 

I do not know what we ever did to deserve dogs. This German Shepherd named Tinsley saved his owner and another passenger after being in a pretty bad car crash in New Hampshire. 

I am honestly surprised the police were able to distinguish that Tinsley was not a coyote. 

This phenomenon of dogs saving their owners by directing help to them is no new phenomenon. The old TV show Lassie was entirely based on this premise. These stories pop up all the time all across the world. 

This has to do with dogs' "Pack Psychology" and was probably one of the greatest drivers of domestication and the relationship between dogs and humans. Humans and dogs take care of their "Pack", and they are willing to go the extra distance when their loved ones are in trouble. 

Keep doing good Dogs.