The Show "Banshee" On HBO Max Is MUST WATCH Trash TV

The trailer above is the trailer to S1 of my new favorite TV show. Watch it and start this journey with me. 

The other night, a tweet from a friend of mine came across my desk:

Hmm. I don't know James THAT well, but well enough to know that I respect the guy's taste in TV. I'm promise you he loves Tony Soprano whacking rats and Vinny Chase banging perfect 10s as much as you or I do. That's why this tweet - about Banshee (wtf?) - piqued my interest. That, and because I had never heard of it. How could this show be an all timer if I've never heard of it?

Oh... this is why...

It was produced by CINEMAX. 

Alright, fine. It wasn't originally an HBO or other MAJOR network production. Makes sense. Puzzle pieces started to fall together after that. I'm in the middle of Succession right now, and thoroughly enjoy it. But the night I saw James' tweet, I was so tired that I knew it'd be dumb to start a new episode, as I'd fall asleep 2 mins into it. Instead, I decided to on this Banshee thing, thinking I wouldn't be invested in it at all and could get to sleep at a good hour. That's when I said fuck it and threw on Banshee

and I am fucking HOOKED. I really hope people people don't take this the wrong way - but it's bad. Like the acting kinda sucks and the storyline is really cheesy. Long story short, it's a dude who spent 15 years in the clink, got released, witnessed a sheriff get shot, assumed his identity, and started working on taking down an Amish mob boss and his syndicate.

That's basically the gist of it, at least through the 6 episodes I've gotten through. But it's WILDLY entertaining in a Squid Game sort of way. Just non stop sex, violence, and drugs. And when I say sex, there's no way these actors aren't plowing each other's brains out. Like the only thing keeping this show from being hardcore pornography is P in V camera angles. Otherwise these people and going to fucking town on each other. 

THIS IS A LINK TO THE SEX SCENES. No it's not a video of me burning 91mph heaters or king Richard's faire or anything. Swear to god. It is EXTREMELY NSFW

Speaking of the sex scenes, the Amish girl is a fucking MINX. Just a goddamn smoke and a half. She breaks her amish vows constantly and is never not naked. It's awesome. Here is her IG... not the most revealing snaps like you're standard IG model, but just trust me on this one:

The main actress Carrie (or w/e the fuck her name is in the show) is a total smoke too... and as I write this, I have now realized that 90% of the women that have came across the screen on this show are drop dead gorgeous. 

Watch this show the moment you can. You'll know exactly what I mean when I say the show is really bad, but really good. It's just super entertaining, making it exceptionally bingeable. It's the middle of January and there's no baseball to speak of - need to binge all the shitty TV I can. I recommend Banshee more than anything I've started so far.