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Nature Is A Cruel Bitch: Watch This Hyena Steal A Baby Impala From The Death Grip Of A Python Snake

This video is NOT for the faint of heart. it absolutely stopped me in my tracks. Just scrolling through the old instagram without reading captions and my dumb human brain saw the Hyena standing around getting ready to intervene and save this little doe eyed baby Impala and...CHOMP! Right on that thing's face with 1100 pounds per square inch. Can't imagine a worse way to die. squeezed to death by a python only to have your guts ripped out by the strongest jaws on the savannah. 

This is ultimately why I think I am in favor of hunting for meat for humans. I think the hardcore animal rights people think that these animals live to old age and then just die warm in their bed as they drift off to sleep and then their little animal friends in the forest hold a funeral for them. The groundhogs dig the grave, the skunks deliver the eulogy because they're dressed like a priest, the birds sing amazing grace, and they all tell stories about how much they loved the deer. WRONG. Whatever animals live outside are going to die a GRUESOME death by the claws, jaws, and death grip of another animal. The only debate is if they'd rather be killed and eaten by a cunning predator or...