This Packers Man Cave Is What All Other Man Caves Should Strive To Be

Ahhhh the Man Cave. The wonderful & secluded place originally made for elderly gentlemen to retreat to when their wives are annoying the hell out of 'em. Yet now anyone can have a man cave which is great. I'd like to think I have a man cave with all my sports memorabilia, a few couches, a refrigerator, multiple televisions, and I sure as hell aren't married! It's a good old fashioned American pastime. Yet this is the one. This is the shangri la of Man Caves. This is what all man caves out there in the world shouldb be and I sure as hell aren't a Packers guy.

I mean how could you watch that TikTok and think otherwise? The packers mirror? When do you see a goddamn team mirror? I don't even know if they have that at Lambeau. Of course they have the Minnesota sticker for where the shit goes when you're in your office as is tradition as well. And not to mention they even have a FUCKING motion-detected paper towel dispenser like we're at goddamn Lambeau! And that's only the bathroom aka where the magic happens.

Then you're heading outside the shit chambers and you got a full bar. You got a table with stools. You got a friggen home movie theater with upgraded movie theater couch seating! This joint is simply otherworldly and if I was ever invited to watch a Packers/Giants NFC Championship game there there's a decent chance I'd be sitting there more giddy than a kid on Christmas with a cheesehead atop my noggin'. How could you not when you're there?