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All-Time Bad Break: An Italian Mafia Fugitive Lived In Hiding For 20 Years Before He Got Caught On A Google Maps Picture

[Sun] - POLICE have caught an Italian mafia henchman after spotting the fugitive on Google Maps.

According to the Telegraph, Gioacchino Gammino was convicted of murder and then escaped from prison 20 years ago before ending up in Spain. 

Gammino, 60, was living the quiet life in Spain, where he had set up a fruit and vegetable shop under a false name, the Telegraph reports. However, detectives were hot on the trail and managed to confirm his whereabouts using images on Google Maps.

A snap of the criminal available on the tool's Street View feature shows him outside a grocery shop in the town of Galapagar north of Madrid.

He was baffled that he'd been found, reportedly telling his captors: "I haven’t even phoned my family for the last 10 years."

We talk about bad beats on here quite a bit but this is up there for as bad you can see. The man was living in hiding for 20 years, he didn't even call his family for 10 years. Some may say he was just hungover and that's why he didn't call since it's one of the 5 worst things to do while hungover according to Chicago. 

Getting caught on Google Maps is such a rough way to get caught though. I've watched enough movies and shitty TV shows to know it should be something crazier. It needs to be DNA left on a napkin in a trash can or something like that. You can't be working at your little restaurant talking outside and get caught. Also think you need to be on high alert. It's 2021/2022, eyes peeled at all times for Google cars when you're outside and living on the run. Changing your name isn't enough. 

I will even go as far as saying you can't toy around with names on the menu. Having an item called the Sicilian Supper? That's begging for someone to ask you about it and get caught. I don't care how long you are on the run. Need to blend in more. I really want to give this guy credit for hiding for 20 years but he was basically begging to get caught. He also apparently has a scar that gives his identity away? Cover it up! I don't care if it's like a Drew Brees scar, just wear a mask or something so it stays covered. 

And for the love of God stay off Facebook: 

Photos on its official Facebook page showed the fugitive dressed in chef's whites. They were able to identify him by a distinctive scar on his chain.

You somehow escaped a Rome prison and hid for 20 years. You don't need Facebook. This guy is probably like all of us in our 30s who wished Facebook stayed the way it was. When you had to have a .edu email account to register and had walls and all that good stuff. Instead it's open to your Aunt sending links that think it gives her good luck for 25 years. Technology man. Gotta avoid it while on the run.