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If Cale Makar Didn't End Kirby Dach With That Goal Last Night, This Post Game Press Conference Quote Sure As Shit Was The Dagger

By now I'm sure you've all seen the ridiculous game winning goal Cale Makar scored last night in overtime against Chicago. How could you not? It was absolute filth in its purest form. You're looking at upwards of 3 million units on the Scoville scale. Spicy as could possibly be. 

And with every insane goal in the NHL there is at least one defender who gets caught up in the fray. One opposing player who just happened to be in the exact wrong spot at the exact wrong time. Unfortunately this time around it was Kirby Dach. Not exactly known for his defensive prowess, it would be hard to blame Kirby Dach here too much. There are 31 other teams in the NHL and each roster is comprised of 23 players. There are likely 700 players who also would have gotten dusted there. But the Makar Massacre didn't end there....

"Whoever their name was". Ooooof. Quick moment of silence for Kirby Dach in the chat. 

This poor guy got plastered on the receiving end of a highlight that we'll be seeing replayed all year, and Cale Makar didn't even take the time to catch his name. 

And to make matters worse, they're both a couple of good ol' boys from Alberta. Sometimes it be your own guys like that. Anyway, let's run that goal back one more time because it is so preposterously dirty.