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The WFT Better Fix That Damn Railing Before Jalen Hurts Has To Send A Follow-Up Email. You Won't Like Follow-Up Jalen

Okay so a couple of things here. 1) Good on Jalen for going the extra mile to be a good guy here. He's a leader through and through. Doesn't matter if it's the 53 guys on the field or just in general off the field. When a situation arises that calls for someone to step up and lead the way, Jalen Hurts is always there. 

But 2) I mean...the barrier fell. And unfortunate event, sure, but it's not like there's a lot to it. Granted it seems like all the WFT has done since is zip-tie the railing back together. But they don't have any more home games this year so maybe that was a "here let's just fix this quickly for now and then we'll get around to actually fixing it once the season is over". I don't know, it just seems like the whole situation has turned into a major ordeal when the fact of the matter is that it was just an accident. 

Which is why I hate the Washington Football Team even more for it right now. Because these jack wagons are forcing our QB1 to take precious time out of his day to write this letter to the organization when he should be preparing for a playoff run. A railing broke on Sunday, could have seriously fucked up our quarterback, and days later he still has to do something about it because the Washington Football Team didn't immediately fix it then. I don't give a shit about the railing. I just care about QB1 being solely focused on the playoffs and not writing letters to an organization that is run by 3 children stacked on top of each other in a trench coat. So for the love of god, fix the damn railing. Because Jalen Hurts is the type of guy who can't just let an unjust moment go without bringing justice himself. He's like a superhero in that regard, but at the moment I would settle for being just a really really good quarterback. 

Sidenote: Grammatically speaking, I'm almost certain Jalen Hurts would be a top 3 writer on this site.