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Wes McCauley Reached Into His Old Back Of Tricks And Put On A Clinic For How To Call A Fighting Penalty Last Night

Art, very much like life in general, is often cyclical. What's new becomes old and what is old eventually becomes new again. It's the reason why you'll see trends in music, fashion and other forms of art make their way back after 30 or so years. While it may be "vintage" or "old school" to some, it is brand new to others. The same can be said for Wes McCauley and his dramatic calls in the NHL. 

For the past few years it seems like Wes has become the long, drawn out the overturned goal guy. You know the ones.  "After reviewing the was determined that the puck fully crossed the goal line ....we have a good goal". But sometimes the best way to move forward and reinvent yourself is actually to go back. For Wes McCauley, he decided to go back 5 years ago to this call. 

A lot has changed in the past 5 years. Some good, like the new broadcasting deals all across the league and new audiences everywhere for hockey. And some bad, like the fact that Wes has ditched the Bauer 4500 helmet. But either way, it was the perfect time to break this one back out and that is precisely why Wes McCauley is the best in the business. He just has a sense for these sort of things. A natural showsman. Big tilt in the opening minutes of the game, time to break out the good stuff.