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Coach K Basically Chased A Georgia Tech Player Out Of The Arena Because *GASP* He Talked Shit During A Game

There it is. It was bound to happen sometime during his final year because it happens every year. Coach K losing his shit over something and lecturing an opposing player. It's a staple move. Nobody and I mean nobody loves lecturing opposing teams more than Coach K. He think he needs to be in charge of everything because of how he's treated at Duke. Oh no, Michael DeVoe talked a little shit. How dare he? I wish Josh Pastner, his giant face covering thing and his sideburns went right at K in the handshake line too. 

Just another classic Coach K. The real specialty of the video though was K going to the refs. Probably begging and pleading for a technical. No doubt he made a big deal about this and was whining to the ref. Shocked that DeVoe didn't get hit with a couple of fouls immediately after this. 

Nobody loves coaching opposing players and lecturing opposing teams more than this guy. Biggest asshole in the game and that won't stop when he retires.