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We Just Had An All-Time Disgusting Beat In Kentucky vs LSU

Disgusting. I threw up watching it live as my Kentucky +3.5 ticket burned to smithereens. I mean what the fuck is Kentucky doing??? That was the sloppiest ball handling/passing I’ve ever seen in my life in a one possession game. To have the ball down 1 with 20 seconds left and not cover 3.5 without fouling is a crime against humanity. And to top it all off Kentucky has a timeout with 6.7 seconds left down 5 and they totally just quit on the game! The guy gets blocked on a lazy three and then they don’t even attempt to go for the rebound. Could have been an easy board and wide open layup to get inside 3.5. All around disgusting. I’ve had a great fall gambling on football but betting college basketball might be my downfall.