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My Cousin Has Created Heaven In His Backyard

In a word...#goals

I posted this video yesterday and the reaction was overwhelming. God and my cousin teamed up to create heaven right in his New Hampshire backyard. An incredible sunset reflecting off the ice as it disappears below a purple mountain majesty. The only slightly negative thing about this video is that the sunset doesn't allow you to fully see the lights on the ice

I grew up playing on frozen ponds where we used sticks and shoes for the nets. This is...an upgrade. 

To be fully honest...this is actually my mom's cousin. Or her cousin's son. Or something. We are just one big Irish family who had their great grandparents immigrate into Boston and Prince Edward Island. I don't even know Michael that well. He's older than me and lives half a country away. He's just a guy who took all the things he likes and made a life out of it. He likes marathons and fitness shit so he puts on events and races all over the place and has put all sorts of running, biking, and nordic skiing trails all over his property. He likes music so he started putting on concerts and gave Dispatch one of their first gigs. He likes hunting so he bought this land up in NH and set up a bunch of tree stands and he hunts deer and whitetail deer. He likes hockey so he built the Rink of Dreams.  He apparently likes maple syrup so he cut down some trees on his land, fashioned them into lumber somehow, and constructed a "sugar shack" to make syrup which I didn't even know was a thing

The only other guy that I can think of that is sort of like this guy is Joe Rogan. Rogan likes making people laugh, so he does stand up. He likes talking to interesting people so he started a podcast. He likes UFC and martial arts so he became the primary broadcaster for the sport. My cousin and Rogan are roughly the same age. I need to figure out how to combine the internet, skiing, hockey, horses, and a few other things from my old career into the rest of my life so by the time I am 50 I don't need to do bullshit that I don't want to do. That is #goals.