Three Girls Have Now Rejected Clayton, The New Bachelor, Before He Even Had A Chance To Reject Them Himself

Our guy Clayton is having a tough time right out of the gate. This girl above, Samantha, had a big bikini entrance blah blah blah and then...we never saw her again. It looks like it's the fault of the producers? Who just...did not show her for the rest of the episode? My first thought is anger. Why would they keep something so juicy from us? Why would they not show us Clayton getting rejected based on a girl's first impression of him, again? Then I remembered - this is the THIRD time this has happened in the 2 hour premiere of his season. The first of course, being "Previously Engaged" Salley:

Hot Girl Salley came on the show, FRESH, FRESHHHHH off of a broken engagement, so fresh that the original scheduled date to be married was the same day she was about to walk out of the limo to meet Clayton. She decided "hey, maybe I should cut this off before I even get out of the limo, and I'll just tell Clayton that I've gotta go." Clayton took one look at the girl, and decided she was worth trying to save and give a rose to??? He saw what she looks like, and then she cried to him about her ex fiance. That's it. That's all he has to go on. And he tried to give her a rose for it? 

Bonkers. Thankfully, she declined. An early blow for Clayton, but we understand her reasonings and it was absurd that she was even there in the first place, so newly broken hearted and certainly NOT ready for love.

Can Clayton handle any more rejection? Well, he doesn't have a choice! Enter: CLAIRE!

Claire is a guy's girl. She pulled Clayton aside and tried to talk about football, beat his ass in cornhole, and then sat down to share a few wings with him. Clayton was NOT into it. But, instead of being polite with her and waiting for it to be over, he was incredibly dismissive of her attempts to bond with him over things that he NOTABLY likes. Maybe he just doesn't like it when girls do SPORTZ things? Hmmm. Anyway, Claire then did what any normal girl would do, and talked shit about him to the rest of the house. The other girls snitched in 30 seconds, and she was out of there.

There we have it. Not once, not twice, but THREE times Clayton has been rejected before he even had the chance to dump anybody. Is it him? Is it the girls? Is it the producers? We have no idea. All we know is that Clayton's ego has to be severed in half at this point. How do you come back from so many rejections from the girls who CHOSE to be on your show, fighting for your love? It's going to be a rough season. I didn't anticipate Clayton being a "hated" Bachelor, but maybe Juan Pablo and Pilot Pete should save him a seat on the Dick Bus to Fuckboy Town just in case. 

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